Henry C.

a man was chilling at home with his friend who was smokking some weed in between shooting up heroin and cocaine. however that isn't relevant. what is relevant is the pidgeon that has come in through the the fireplace. "shit!fuck! that fucking bird is in here! how the fucking shit did it get the fuck in here! holy shit fuck!" the pidgeon starts flying round the room while the sober bloke is running after it. the high friend is merely humming the tune of 'catch the pidgeon'. eventually the pidgeon is flying up against a window. sober sees the latch and indicates a golf club to his friend with the intention of opening the window with the club. his friend stealthily picks up the golf club and holds it steadily in two hands. He then proceeds to twat the pidgeon out of the air.

funniness: 2.30

rating: PG-13