vinny d.

a guy with talking disorder went into a clock shop and said'Can I have a cock please?' 'a cock? don't you mean a clock?' 'yeah a cock'. So the guy byes a clock. he goes to a cake shop and sais'Can i have a bum please?' 'a bum? don't you mean a bun?' yeah a bum' so he bought a bun. then he went into a train station and sais'Can i have a licket plaese?' 'a licket? don't you mean a ticket?' 'yeah a licket' so he buys a ticket. then a guy walks up to him and sais ' do you know what time it is?' so the the guy with the talking disorder sais 'hold my bum and licket wile i get my cock out'.

funniness: 5.28

rating: PG