jordan o.

one night a man and his wife were on their way to bed when the wife said have you turned the porch light off? The husband said no and went downstairs to turn off the porch light, When he turned off the porch light he heard a noise in the back garden, so he went to go and check it out! When he got out there he noticed four men in his shed taking stuff! so he quitly snook back inside and called the police, the police said all the cars were out on patrol and couldnt attend, so he put the phone down and called back five minuites later and said i have a shotgun and have just shot one of then and i have three cartridges left!! within 5 minuites of putting the phone down 5 police cars and 3 riot vans and 12 swat vans pulled up outside and the man said to one of the police officers i thought all the police cars were out on patrol and busy and couldnt attend!!! by jordan ogden!! REALLY FUNNY OR WHAT?

funniness: 3.40

rating: PG