Dixon C.

Seems George was playing his usual eighteen holes one Saturday afternoon. Teeing off from the 17th hole, he sliced into the rough over near the edge of the fairway. Just as he was about to chip it out, he noticed a long funeral procession going past on a nearby street. Reverently, George removed his hat and stood at attention until the procession had passed. Then he continued his game, finishing with a birdie on the eighteenth. Later, at the clubhouse, a fellow golfer greeted George. ?Say, that was a nice gesture you made today, George.? ?What do you mean?? asked George. ?I mean it was nice of you to take off your cap and stand respectfully when that funeral went by,? the friend replied. ?Oh yes,? said George. ?We would have been married thirty years next month.?

funniness: 6.33

rating: PG