Joe V.

1. Give the cashier foreign currency. 2. Start rambling on about random stuff(in German). 3. When the cashier is having a hard time with the method of payment, Scream "IM GOING TO SUE YOU FOR EVERYTHING." 4. Before paying, tell the cashier that the item you are buying was stolen from you and you are just taking it back. 5. If you are in a grocery store (A&P, Stop and Shop, etc.) Ask wear the hunting department is. 6. Start cying about how your wife devorced you, your car is busted, your life is a mess, your doctar is sueing YOU for being a bad person and try to get the items your buying for free. 7. In a proffesional tone, Tell a cashier that they have great acting skills and that they should try out for some made up acting company.- break off mid-sentence and rush out of the store with out giving any information. Yell "call me". 8. Take off your shirt and pants and ask for the price. 9. Shoot off a cap-gun, throw it at the cashier and hope he catches it. Pretend you were shot by him. 10. Tell the cashier how cute he/she looks in that aprin and how they remind you of your mom.

funniness: 5.00