Denise W.

There was a fire at a school and one of the students was standing at the elevator pushing the elevator call button wondering why it wasn't coming . One of his friends saw him and said "Can't you read the sign says 'in case of fire use stairs'"the student responded by by saying " How the fuck am I suposed to put out a fire with stairs. On a different selevator sign it said 'In case of fire do not use elevator" and a student wrote on the bolttom 'Use water' There was a building being built and only the fame had been finished and the sign on the surrounding fence said 'Second Floor Now Open!' On a school billboured the words FINAL EXAM were put up but the'F' had fallen onto the 'I' making it appear to say ANAL EXAM. I wonder how many absences they had that day. I was researching child abuse and a pop-up from e-bay come and said 'Looking for child abuse? Find everything you want on e-bay'

funniness: 5.21

rating: G