siavash a.

so there was this guy sitting on the curb spitting every 2 secs and saying "good driver" to himself. then his mate comes along and says"hey dude, y u saying good driver and spitting so much?" so the guy says "well i was walking along when i saw this truck" *spit* "good driver" "yeah then what?" "well the damn truck was in this thin alleyway, i mean REALLY thin, and the driver was was trying to back the HUGE truck out of it" *spit* good driver" "yeah yeah, keep going!" "and i says 'hey buddy, u cant back that thing out of there!' well he said he could and we got into this huge arguement until i said ' if you can get that thing out i'll give u a blow job!" his friend goes silent, and, after a big pause goes... "well, then what?" so his friend says *spit* "good driver"

funniness: 5.85

rating: PG