Franklin R.

1. Never put gasoline on a lit candle. 2. Never make fun of Osama Bin Ladin when he's in front of you. 3. Never shoot a police man. 4. Never eat foods that have expired for years. 5. Never use your dog as a chair. 6. Never use a rattlesnake as a belt. 7. Never fart in a spacesuit. 8. Never go to the president and ask to take over America. 9. Never read a Playboy magazine while wearing steel underwear. 10. Never run around naked on the streets when there's rednecks around. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING NEVER TO DO IF YOUR A DUMMY: 11. Always remember the difference between Arnold Schwartzernegger's penis and a peanut. If you don't, you might end up eating something VERY, VERY nasty.

funniness: 3.52

rating: G