chris g.

A man walks into a bar, just broken up with his girlfriend, needed some liquor to ease his troubled mind, after a couple of hours and even more drinks the man walks into the rest room to take care of buisness, as hes taking a leak, he looks over to a little small man with orange hair, dressed in all green and no more then 4 feet tall, taking a leak next to him. Drunker then ever, he thinks to himself, oh my god its a fuckin lepricon! then as the man leans over, he sees the lepricon's dick and its the biggest peter he had ever seen. So right as the man finnishes pissing he leaps and catches the lepricon and says"now you have to give me three wishes fucking lepricon", so the scared lepricon says, fine anything you want. So the man says, bro i just saw your dick and i want one just as big! But the lepricon says" nope these are only for lepricons, so the man wishes for one million in his bank account, and as easy as that the lepricon snaps his fingers and says your a millionare. So the stubborn drunk man says" i still want a dick your size! and the lepricon says nope, we need those to make up for our height. so the man wishes for the deed to the playboy mansion(and all its contents)and the lepricon says congradulations Mr. heifner. So on his last wish the drunk says man now the only thing i need is a dick your size and ill be the happiest man alive,.. so the lepricon sighs and says " the only possible way for a mortal to have a lepricon's dick is to get boned by a lepricon in the ass! So the man says no, no n.. then he looks around and sees noone else in the bathroom, thinks franticly and says ok but quick! So as this poor man is taking a 10 inch sausage in the ass the lepricon says "hey lad, how old are you?" to this the man replies "" and the lepricon laughs and says "and you still belive in lepricons"?!? PLEASE VOTE IF IT MADE YOU LAUGH!!!

funniness: 6.24

rating: PG