Adam K.

Pope Benedict was going to a small town in Italy. They decided that when he got there that they would ring the church bell that hasn't ben rung in 50 years. There were arguments about who would ring the bell, they decided they will have The poor begger ring the bell. They got the beggar a nice suit a haircut and dresses him up all nice and when the pope was coming he ran to the church to ring the bell. He jumped to grab the string but it broke, so he ran up the bell towere and pushed the bell to ring it. He pushed it and when it was coming back he leaned in to push it again but fell. When the priest came in to congragulate him he saw him on the floor with his face all bloody. The pope came in and saw the beggar and and askes "Who is this?" The priest said "I dont know his name, but his FACE RINGS A BELL."

funniness: 3.69

rating: PG