nathan s.

This is the sequel to 15 ways to annoy your teacher 1. Slip notes under every teachers door that says call me for a good time. The number on the card should be your teacher's phone number 2. Before class sneak into your homeroom or what ever class and write I, (your teachers name here) am a weeney until the chalk board is full. 3. Ask your teacher something they can't answer. Like So how would I go about disableing a bomb? 4. During english use bad grammar and say things like "We don't need no education." and used made up contractions and made up words. 5. Ask the teacher if you can borrow a pen or pencil and if they give you one chew on it when they are looking. 6. Ask the teacher how old are they if they respond none of your buisness respond thats because they were born before they invented numbers! 7. Ask the teacher if they would punish someone for something they didn't do, then when they respond no say good because i didnt do my homework 8. Put double sided clear sticky tape on the teachers pen... sit back and watch. 9. Get you and 2-5 friends sit in different places in the room and when the teacher turns her back take turns making wierd noises like oink... peep ... ting... 10. Put everything in and on your teachers desk in the trash then put the trash under his/hers desk. 11. Every day take one to two pencils or pens from there teachers desk then when there all gone start putting them in all different wierd places like behind their pc. 12. Put pics from the animal channel into the teachers projector... im talking about things like when its maiting season for girafs or when its hunting time for the lions. 13. Pass around notes with hula girls and toast on them... wait for when the teacher is looking. 14.Ask to go to the bathroom every five minutes after awhile announce you have a bladder infection. 15. Get up in the middle of class and dump your desk... get everyone else to do it too. 16. Bring small speakers put them in your desk and play Slayer during class. 17.Turn your seat backwards and sit in it turn your cap backwards and start an auction for the teachers name address phone number address and license plate number. 18.On your first day of school or on the first day of class come in 2-5 minutes late and yell WHERE SHOULD I PUT MY ANGERMANAGEMENT PAPERS!!! 19. Run into the principals office and yell reerag and make all these sick sounds and yell i forgot my pills! 20. when in the library say shhhhhh no talking when ever anyone says anything but you have to yell shhh! the writer/writers of this article are not responsible for any trouble you might get into.

funniness: 6.29

rating: G