nicole r.

Bill Clinton and his wife were at a juior leuge baseball game, when one of the coaches of the baseball teams called him down to the feild. "Bill Clinton, one of my players has requested for you and your wife to come down to the feild.", announced on the megaphone. Bill and his wife walked down to the baseball feild, and was asked of the player to stand in front of him. Clinton and his wife were soon held tightly by two strong men. While they were struggling to break free, Bobby went to the dugout and pulled put his bat. Bobby went up to Bill and whispered in his ear, "This while only hurt for a little bit!" Then Bobby took his bat and swung it at Clinton. "I fucking hate you, you bastard.",said Billly while he was repeatedly shoving his bat up Clinton's penis. After he was done he went over to Clinton's wife and announced, "Finally" Bobby said,"It's my turn now Bill, you fucking bastard, I hate you sooo much for taking her from me. But now I will have my chance." He went back to Mrs.Clinton "Come here bitch, I will now have my lover all to myself.", he told to her. Then Bobby grabbed her boobs, pulled her shirt off and started sucking. Then after three hours of sucking, he started to makeout with her and she actually made out with him back. She went to Clinton and said,"We're through, I'm fucking Bobby tonight."

funniness: 3.00

rating: PG-13