Josh I.

There three guys sharing an apartment together. Their names were Shut up, Bones, and Poop. One day Shut up was home alone when he got a call from the police department. Bones picks up the phone and says "Hello" "His this is the police and we are calling about your payment for the apartment. We have seen that you havnt payed the rent for a whole year and we are going to put your name down so we an make an appointment for you to come in and explain this whole mishap. So sir can i have your name?" "Shut up" said Shut up "Excuse me? I need your name" said the policemen "Shut up" "I'm only going to ask you this one more time, what is your name?" "Shut up" "You know what sir, i dont have time for this, is there anyone else living at your apartment?" "Yeah Bones" "Where is bones at right now?" "He's in the car picking up Poop"

funniness: 2.86