Kellie B.

a teenager named Henry in the 10th grade had his dad as the principal and one day had to go to the bathroom so he said, "teacher, teacher i have to go to the bathroom." "sorry Henry you can't go right now" "I'll tell my daddy" he replies "okay you can go" she said not wanting to get trouble with her boss. "can you take me?" he asks "not now can't you take your self" "i'll tell my daddy" "fine lets go. class i'll be right back." there get there and the boy says, "can you go in with me i need help" "are you kidding?" "no. and i'll tell my daddy" the teacher was annoyed by now but wanted to keep her job so she went in with him. when they are inside the boy says, " now strip naked" "hell no. i'm leaving" "i'll tell my daddy" the teacher really liked her job so she did it "now have sex with me or you'll never teach again." so she stripped naked and so did the boy and right as they were about to do it his dad happened to walk in. the boy quickly stashed the teacher in the stall but forgot he was naked. "what the hell is going on?" he asked furiously. " and tell me the truth right now." the boy knew his father wouldn't approve so he lied and said, " Ms. Smith, she made me come in here and have sex with her but she heard you and hid in the bathroom stall." the father went to check and saw her. "is this true Ms. Smith?" " no it's not. your son threatened me with my job and forced me to have sex with them." now the father knew his son has done this before so he grounded him and sent him out of the bathroom after he was dressed. and then went to the teacher and said , " now screw me or i'll tell the school board." " no never. i'm not doing this." the head of the school board happpened to be there that day and walked in. "whats going on?" "she tried to make me have sex with her." said the principal. the school board guy asked if this was true and she of course said no. so he took her word over the principals and fired him and made him leave the room. "now that were alone screw me or lose your job" "no and if one more person asks me that i'm taking you all to court." some kid walked in and saw the naked teacher and asked her to have sex with him. so the next week she took them all to court and she won the case. the boys were expelled and the adults were fired. and the judge called the teacher in to his back room and said, "strip the only person higher than me is my daddy Uncle Sam." the teacher weighed her options and decided that he was pretty cute and that Uncle Sam probally was really old. so she stripped and had sex with him. it was the best sex she had had ever in her life and was almost sad it was over. "i'm sorry this has to end." she said getting dressed "no it doesn't come here everynight and keep the lights off and don't say anything just let you love guide you to me." so everyday she had done this and one time he was late and she happened to turn on the light and saw a family picture of him, Henry, the Principal, and the School Board guy and she asked about it and he said, " Damn busted. Henry is my younger brother, the principal is my dad, and the school board guy is my grandpa and i paid all of them to help me get into your pants."

funniness: 5.96

rating: PG