Sofia S.

One day a married couple is passionatly making out, when all of the sudden there son, Johny, walks in. "What're you guys doing?" he asks. "Why....uh...we're playing trains! Toot-toot!" his father replies, quite nervously. So Johny runs off and goes about his buisness. The next week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, when he gets home from school, he says, "toot-toot!" But on Friday he says, "Choo-choo" His father, realizing the difference, asks him why he said that. "Oh, well all week I've been playing trains with this one girl, but tody we finally got to the next leval" "what's the next leval?" his father asks, now very much interested. "It's choo-choo" he answers. "I think next week we might get to chugga chugga...."

funniness: 5.36

rating: G