harris h.

Many people don't always mean what they say. this is especially evident in bumper stickers. For instance, what PROUD PARENT OF A (insert local school name) HONOR STUDENT means is: My child may be a F***ing genius, but I'm a little DUH DA DUH ! or I LOVE MY WIFE: translation: I Love my wife, but if i got run over by a bus tomorrow that would be okay too. even better, HONK IF YOU'RE HORNY. This person is so *Eloquently* expressing the opinion: I'm a "funny" pervert. one of my personal favorites is the Jesus fish. You know what I'm talking about: you can call it a ichiam-whatever symbol, It's still a jesus-fish to me. c<, it kinda looks like. this means: I luv Jessus, butt i dont now ow too spel his nam. however, my favorie is: I SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH THIS means... I Can't get this F***ing Bumper Sticker Off My Car!!!!

funniness: 5.10

rating: G