Jasen R.

It was supposed to be girl?s night out. Sandy and Mandy came feeling bad but Jill was feeling pretty good. They all sat around a table starring at their own feet. Then all of a sudden Sandy stood up and said, ?I can?t believe that dick, could do such a thing.? Mandy then stood up and said ?Oh, I wish I could just teach him a listen.? Jill then stood up and said ?Gals what is wrong lets have some fun.? Sandy responded with, ?How can you be so happy?? Jill replied, ?I lost my virginity last night.? Mandy snorted, ?O geese, now you get to have all the fun, guys are so?eck.? Jill concerned what was wrong with her best friends asked, ?Oh, Mandy, Oh Sandy tell me what happened?? (Mandy Remembers Back To Earlier That Day) Mandy started off by saying, ?Yesterday, I had to take the night shift till about 7:00 a.m this morning. I needed some rest so I went to my boy-friends house. When I went in he was up watching T.V, then he turned to me looking surprised or something, his face expression fallowed with a, ?Honey, honey?.o honey?a? why are you here don?t you work from 6:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m? I said,? Yeah I now but yesterday I didn?t get to work till 7:00 p.m because I needed to work night, and all day yesterday I was planning something special.? Then he was like, ?O wow, what a turn of events I mean, I had something planned right about now. Hey Hun, could you please go to the bathroom. Get naked, a?.because in about 10 minutes? I?ll be in. Ok, could you please go now?? I answered with, ?Oh, sure babe anything for you? Then there was a knock at the door. I was confused who could be at the door. He said it was maid service, so I went into the bathroom and got undressed. I mean, I didn?t know what to do, so I sat for 3 minutes on the toilet and decided to start the bath water. Then I heard a loud scream, I got a towel on and went up to him seeing his shirt was off and said, ?Who the hell just screamed? And where is the maid.? I knew he was up to something so I got dressed and left. (Sandy Remembering From Earlier That Day) Sandy started off by saying ?This morning I went to myyy bf?s house. He opened the door and gave me a big hug, told me he loved more than anything in the world. I told him I loved him. I went over to the bed took off my shirt and he laid down next to me. Then he got on top of me. I told him to wait, I grabbed at the pillows and told him I was moving them for extra space. And what seemed to be a pink bra a size to small was under the pillow. So I got mad and left slamming the door. Sandy, Mandy, And Jill Then Looked At Each Other and said ?Nah, What Are The Odds? *If you don?t get this read it again* If you still cant here it is. -While Mandy was at work that night -Jill Was Having Sex With The Boy -The next day Mandy went into bathroom -The Bra Sandy found was Jill?s -Sandy was the supposed ?Maid? -Mandy heard Sandy Scream

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG