Jasen R.

Everybody thought Joey was always being rude and obnoxious. Whenever Joey bugged someone he always would get a negative comment of "Joey Go To Hell". He would make fun of the girls playing hopscotch. The girls would say "Joey Go To Hell". He would go to the docks and untie the ropes to the fishing boats. The fisherman would say "Joey You Problem Child, go to hell". He would visit a mexican concession stand take the food and leave. He would get a response from an angry mexican," Joey va al infierno" (English Translate: Joey Go To Hell). Now, everyone hated Joey except for his mom and dad who took consuling due to stress. When i mean everyone else i mean everyone. But you know, Joey was not gunna take such foul words from these people. He took it like a man and replied to all the people that told him to go to hell," Doesn't bother me when my priest says it, aint gunna bother me when you say it"

funniness: 4.38

rating: G