last m.

Once there was Jack...Jack the Gay.. he was the most outrageous gay ever born. There was no male left in his hometown whom he didn't fucked... wherever he goes.. no male was left there untouched ..un-fucked. Jack died in a accident while saving a girl child and waits for his judgment outside the gates of Heaven.. Why Heaven?(remember he saved a girl child and died) Than comes St. Peters and asked jack to stay GOOD.. he is gay and hence a sinner but since he saved a life he would be kept in Heaven.. but he has to be good with everyone else here else he is going to HELL.. While St. Peter was taking him to his room he drooped his keys and bent to pick them up.. we all know Jack.. uncontrollable .. he did the act .. Angry and red St. Peter warned him... "you are jut not worth Jack" .. "you are going to HELL if you ever do this again to anyone or to me. They again kept going to the end of the lobby where Jack had his room, St. peter again dropped his keys by mistake and was again taken for a ride by Jack.. the moment he bend to take the keys. St. Peter had enough now from Jack and ?it is the time Jack.. you should burn in HELL...? After 6 Months.. St. Peter plans a official trip to HELL.. to see if all sentenced humans there are suffering! Moments after he entered HELL he started shivering.. where is the FIRE.. the place should be burning with FIRE all over.. but it turned out like a picnic spot with ice fall and everyone playing.. skating.. snow-war.. all the fun which one could do.. Surprised St. Peter walked to Satan and asked the reason for this... "what the hell is wrong here.. NO FIRE.. ".... Satan replied... "ENOUGH .. I quit.. I'm not bending and putting COAL in the chimney...

funniness: 5.12

rating: PG-13