John W.

One day I was talking to my friend about how my first time was"That's why I limp""How the hell did you end up breaking up with her again?""I dunno she broke up with me" Later my other friend comes in and says"Dude I just saw the petersons got a dog!""Woopdy fuckin do david"David"come on let's see if we can outrun it" As the idiot i am I said yes Later we met in the front yard of the petersons house and saw the bull dogs staring at us. They start chargin at us we jump over them and run towards the fence. Austin (the first friend) is right next to me I go lower my hand near his crouch and go"Name a helen huntson movie""Twister?" so i grab'em and twist(Later i cleaned it up Not gay anyhow)Austin falls and one-of'em jumped on him and toor him the fuck up later halfway thru i looked at david and go"Look david mrs.peterson is bending down i see her clevage he looks away and slams into a tree Victory i thought then i thought about something"Where the hell is yale?"then last thing i knew i got kick of my ass and toor up by the third one" 2 days later me and my friends were talking"So i guess john won cuz yale you weren't competing""yeah but at least i didn't get beat up by 10 year old bull dogs""yes but you weren't competing"he goes"Fucker look up" we look up and see nothing"what did we miss a bird or somethin-" before i finished the sentence yale punceh me in the balls got austine with his shoe and twisted davids All of us go" got us fucker" Moral Member if you haven't seen a miniacle friend at all one day they're planning to do something to you Friends are great to have arn't they /:P

funniness: 1.50

rating: R