John W.

One day me and satan were getting wasted at a bar satan goes"Wanna get more scotch john?"me"No..yes""2 more scotch bottles..."he goes"Dude some chick is checkin you out and she looks hot"Me"no she's not shes that one chick you said looked like what hillary clinton would look like if she was pregnant""hey i thought you were that desperate""No...that was you you go ask her out" satan leaves and the bottle of scotch arrive Meanwhile:satan goes"hey baby look what i can do" she pulls out a cigar satan lights it she get impressed"wanna go out sometime"said satan"sure sexy boy" Satan's cheering then he let's out a fart and kills the girl"JESUS CHRIST""what?""get john we're out of here""john we're leavin c'mon"I go"NO....not until i'm done"A how chick that works at the bars go hey cutey about i handle some nuts for you THE FUCKING TABLE LIFTS and lands on her killing her "Ok...Now..we go"

funniness: 1.83

rating: R