jessiey j.

once upon a time there was a bus that was travelling out to the dessert and it was full of 20 ugly people. suddenly they came accross the cow and swerved into a tree to miss the cow. they all died after they had all flown up to heaven, it had become a long line. god came out from his newly shined gates and said" because u were all born ugly i will grant you one wish" with the news of the wish, the first person inline wished to be beautiful, the second did the same. And so it went on all the way up to 19 with the wish to be beautiful. when god finale got up to no# 20, he asked him what his wish was explecting it to be making him beautiful, no# 20 burst out in a fit of laughter.he went close to go trying not laugh and wispered " make them all ugly again!" this shows that it isnt always good to be first!

funniness: 4.67