Jesse A.

Come on guys. Get a life. It's one thing to copy a joke, but it's another thing to copy someone's criticism. Just because you agree with something doesn't mean that you should reword it and repost it and beg for votes from others that agree. It's not about votes. I could care less if you agree with what I say or not, but don't feel the need to post a rebuttal. It's getting pretty damn ridiculous. You don't need to write about how much the advertisements bother you. I can bet that just about everyone out there feels the same way you do. We know where to vote. Don't feel like you need to remind us that the voting scores are at the bottom of the page. If we don't vote big for your joke, it's not because we forgot where to vote. It's because your joke sucked. And don't get pissed if your joke doesn't get the score that you think it deserved. It may be good, but not good enough to rise above the level of apathy of the readers. I rarely vote for jokes, even ones that I think are extremly funny. So grow up. The world isn't out to get you. You just aren't creative enough to give us a reason to vote. Vote high, vote low, or don't vote at all. I couldn't care less. This is just about getting my opinion out there, not making friends. And, for the love of God, if you agree with this, don't restate it. It is an oxymoron. "Oh I agree but I want to repost this so that I can get something that ranks higher than my usual bullshit." It's pathetic.

funniness: 3.38