Anthony s.

"yo mamma is so ugly she tried to masturbate but her hand realized IT could do better" "yo mamma is so ugly, when she walked past the bathroom, the toilet flushed" "yo mamma is so old i told her to act her age and the bitch died" "yo mamma is so ugly that the last time she heard a whistle was when she got hit by a train" "yo mamma is so ugly the physichiatrist makes her lie face down" "yo mamma is so old she breastfeeds dust" "yo mamma is so fat that it takes 3 trains, 2 busses, and a van just to get on her good side" "yo mamma is so short you can see her feet on her drivers license" "yo mamma is so fat she irons her pants on the driveway" "yo mamma is so fat after sex you roll over twice and you're still on the bitch"

funniness: 6.86

rating: PG-13