Stephanie G.

Bill and Joe were the best of friends. One day they were in a horrible car accident and were both killed instantly. Bill finds himslef at the gates of Heaven standing before St. Peter. "Where's Joe?" He asked. "Im sorry Bill," St. Peter said, "but Joe didnt make it into Heaven." "This is horrible! Please, can I see my friend one last time?" Bill asked. "We dont usually do this sort of thing, but I suppose I can let you look down on your friend one last time." St. Peter opend the clouds and let Bill look down on his friend in Hell. When Bill looked he saw Joe on a beach with a keg next to him and a gorgeous blonde sitting on his lap. They were laughing and having a great time. "Wait a minute!" Bill exlaimed to St. Peter, "Are you sure Im in Heaven?!? I mean, you and 100% sure Im in Heaven?!?!" "Yes my son." Was St. Peter's reply. "But look at Joe! He's having more fun in Hell than he did when he was alive!" St. Peter just looked at Bill and calmly replied, "But my son, do you see that keg? It has a hole in it. And do you see that blonde? She doesnt."

funniness: 6.20

rating: PG-13