Zach G.

A guy walks into a bar and sees a sign that says free beer for a year if you pass three tests. He askes the bartender what the tree tests are and he says "first there is a big barrel of pepper inthe back room you have to chug it, second there is a alligator with a loose tooth you need to pull it out. The third test is there is a girl upstairs who has never been laid you have to have sex with her". The guy goes and slowly downs the pepper with a dozen beers to wash it down. He walks out and asks the bar tender dizzly "Whers that alligator" he goes into the room and the bar tender hears a lot of load banging noises. He walks out of the room after about a half an hour and he is really scratched up. he says blurly to the bar tender "now wheres that girl with the loose tooth"

funniness: 6.12

rating: PG-13