Josh A.

An incredibly ugly woman went to her Chineese doctor, Doctor Wong. She said to Doctor Wong, "I'm 23 years old, and should be at the peak of my life, but I can't even get a date, why am I so ugly?" Doctor Wong simply said, "Pull down youre pants, and look through your legs." So she did. The doctor took one look, and said, "I believe you have Zacoly disease, I must refer you to my associate, Doctor Fong." The woman goes to see Doctor Fong who imediatly tells her to pull down her pants, and look through her legs. When she does he says, "You do have Zacoly disease, I'll wrirte you a prescription right now." The woman is overjoyed at the chance to be cured of her ugliness, but asks, "doctor, exactly what is Zacoly disease?" Doctor Fong looks at her and says, "Your face looks ZACOLY like your ass."

funniness: 5.53

rating: PG