Stephanie G.

A (blonde) teenage girl borrows her father's car to go shopping at the mall. When she pulls out of the parking lot she hits a pole, leaving a dent on the front bumper. "There's got to be a way for me to get this dent out without my father knowing." She thinks. The girl has an idea. When she goes home, she finds a small axe in her garage. She desperetly tries to pop out the dent with the back of the axe. Finally the girl is so frustrated she hits the bumper with the axe, leaving the axe stuck in place. When the girl's father sees the axe in his bumper, he's furious! "What happend?!?!" He yells at his daughter. "Nothing major Dad," the girl says, "I just had a little axe-in-dent".

funniness: 4.24

rating: G