bob x.

Three men were on a cargo plane: a Mexican, an American, and a Chineese man. About halfway through the flight, the pilot announces that the plane is losing altitude, and that if they didn't do something soon, the plane would crash. The Chineese man, upon hearing the bad news, lugs some bags of rice to the cargo door and tosses them out, saying "my country already has enough of this, so we can afford to lose this rice." Next, the Mexican pushes a huge crate of mexican beans to the cargo door, saying "My country already has enough of these, and so i can afford to get rid of these beans, if it means it will save the plane." The American,without missing a beat and seeing what the others did, promptly grabed the mexican and tossed him out the cargo door of the plane saying, "And my country already has enough of these!"

funniness: 2.83

rating: PG