John J.

There were three explorers in an expedition exploring and island: Frenchman, a British man, and a New Yorker. They got captured by the native tribe of the island, and were taken to the leader. After conversing with the captors he announced "I have good news and bad news, the bad news is that we are going to kill you and use your skin for our canoes. The good news is that you get to decide how you die!" He pointed a stick at the Frenchman and proclaimed "You shall go first." The Frenchman stood up and said "I shall take ze poison!" He was handed a bottle of poison by one of the tribesman, and gulped it down. Just before he died he pointed upwards and shouted "Vive le France!" The British man was told to go second. He said "I will go the classical way, please hand me a gun." A tribesman walked over and handed him a gun. He raised the gun to his temple, and just before he pulled the trigger he exclaimed "Long live the queen!" The New Yorker said "Gimme a fork." The tribe was confused, but cautiously handed him a fork nonetheless. He began to stab himself all over the place with the fork, it was horribly bloody, and the tribe just stood there in shock. He continued until the leader said "This is horrible, what are you doing?" He simply replied without stopping the stabbing "There goes your canoe SUCKERS!!!"

funniness: 6.21

rating: PG