Angelita W.

So this Texan goes to London and he is ordering dessert after a nice dinner. The waiter asks if he would like some tea. And ha says yes, what kinds of tea do you have? "Well sir" he says," we have the queens tea witch is %10 aroma and %90 substance, The Kings tea witch is %10 substance and %90 aroma, and then there is the emperial tea and well everybody in London likes that. The Texan says well okay I'll take that. "Very good sir" says the waiter, " and sir i couldnt help but ask, do they have any teas in Texas?" the Texan thinks long and hard, and not to be out done he says "well yes we do, you see there is the FAR-tea witch is %10 subsatnce and %90 arouma, the SHI-tea witch is %10 arouma and %90 substance then there is the CUN-tea and we everybody in texas loves that" * w/ the texan say tea as if it where a real T,(Shi-T)

funniness: 4.57

rating: PG