hugh g.

1. give them something very simple to distarct them like an apple or or a picture of an apple those work quite well. 2.tell them that you're late for a special behaviour class so then they dont feel bad 3.tell them "ive got a very important phone call waiting for me from.... a telemarketer"...! (theyre so dumb they wont understand a word you just said) 4. say "could you please hold"? then walk away and dont come back till tomorrow.(he will probably still be there) 5. just plain walk away. 6. tell them "i have to walk to toronto to visit my dead grandfather hes really lookin forward to seeing me" 7.randomly yell out " oh my god its george bush everyone bow down to him." 8. say to him: "my tongue hurts from talking to you, so i have to go home now." 9. tell them taht you are going home to eat their cat or guinnea pig or rabbit or fish i think..... or hamsters thatl make them run home crying "Mr. fluffernickle noooo!!!" or something along those lines. (he will be scared shitless) 10. say at no given time "I left my cow intestines on the counter be right back" Hugh Gass

funniness: 2.78

rating: PG