omer t.

One day, three men came upon a magic lamp. the magic guardian of the lamp, a genie, decided to grant each of the men one wish. But, since they had waken him up, he attached a clause to the wishes. He said "Whatever you wish for, your mother-in-law will get double. Now, wish for whatever you will." The first guy responded almost immediately,"I want two briefcases full of money." The genie responded,"It is done!" The man suddenly had two briefcases full of money, and just as suddenly his mother-in-law had four briefcases full of money. The second guy thought for a minute, then responded with "i want a big house with a nice car, and a closet full of money." The genie responded,"It is done!" And poof, the man was suddenly in this big house with a car and a closet full of money. Just as suddenly, his mother-in-law was in a house twice as big, with two cars, and two closets full of money. The third guy thought for a while, then said clearly," beat me half to death."

funniness: 6.11

rating: PG