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There was an old man who was doing really bad in the hospital and was about to die. As he was laying there he was talking to his wife who had always been faithful to him. He said," Sweetie, you've always been there for me. Like twenty years when I broke my leg and went to the hospital. You stood over me the whole time and made sure I was fine and didn't need anything until I got better. Or like when I got the flu five years back and was sick for about two weeks. You tended to my every need and made sure I didn't need anything. You got me food and water and took my temperature and made sure that I had everything handed to me on a silver platter. And right now you're standing over me making sure I'm alright and that I don't need anything. Honey, the reason I'm saying this is that when I got married to you, you were always there to help me when I was hurt." The wife is feeling pretty good about how great of a wife she had been and that she had really done her part as a spouse. So, just as she was leaning over him to sneek a kiss the husband looks at her and says," Get out of here I think your bad luck."

funniness: 4.57

rating: PG