Kevin V.

An old Dutch captain has been on the sea his whole life, being a captain of big vessels. He retired and on his first day of retirement he went to Amsterdam's Red Light District. He saw a nice prostitute in the window and went up. He negotiated a price, and went to her room. He asked her that he has a special request. The prostitute said "o' well i guess it's okay, but it will cost you 10 bucks more". The Captain said "This is what I want, I want you to fill up the bathtub because I want to take a bath". The captain was nicely settled in the bath, and the prostitute said "now what". The Captain said" I want you to turn the light on and off continuously". The prostitute followed the instructions and then the captain said" Now I want you to make big waves with your feet in the bath tub at the same time with the lights". Then the prostitute was in an ackward position with her hands on the light switch and her feet making waves in the bath tub. After a while she said" So when are we going to have a fuck". The Captain replied "oh no way are we going to fuck with this bad weather".

funniness: 4.37

rating: PG-13