jenny m.

The only survivor of a shipwreck, Pierre washed ashore on a desert island. He managed to find food and water, and didn't mind the solitude, but he grew horny as hell. So when a sheep walked down the beach one day, he dragged the beast back to his hut and jumped it. But just as he was starting to get it on, a dog ran out of the jungle and began to attack him, and in trying to defend himself from the dog, Pierre had to let the sheep go. In the weeks that followed, the sheep appeared regularly, but every time Pierre tried to get romantic with her, the dog materialized and attacked him viciously. Weeks and months went by and Pierre grew hornier and hornier, until his salvation appeared: a lovely young woman washed up on the shore. She was half drowned, but Pierre was able to resuscitate her, and when she came to, she was grateful beyond words. "You saved my life," she sobbed. "I would have drowned. How may I repay you? I'll do anything, just name it...Anything!" "Okay," commanded Pierre. "Hold that dog."

funniness: 6.35

rating: PG-13