Selena M.

Three ducks were sitting in a pond when a beautiful swan swam by. The ducks held a bet to see who could get her to bend down so they could fuck her. The first ducks went over to the swan and asked her if she could use her long neck to get him some food at the bottom of the lake. She refused to get him his own food and swam away. The first duck, unsuccessful, swam away. It was now the second duck's turn. He swam close to shore and quacked at the people until someone gave him a large peice of bread. He carried it in his mouth to the swan. He dropped it next to her and pointed it out. She bit his neck, saying she knew he had just put it there and swam away. The second ducks, also unsuccessful, swam where the first duck was. The third duck swam to the swan. She looked at him with angry eyes. Then he dunked his head in the water. After he came up he shouted, "A QUARTER!!" The swan immediately dunked her head underwater, and the duck soon climbed on her back and fucked her nonstop until she had 6 orgasms. When the swan left, the other two ducks swam over to the first duck. "That was smart thinking." The first duck said. "Yea," said the second one. "Smart plan." The third duck stared at them. "What fucking plan? I was just trying to get the bitch off my quarter!"

funniness: 5.11

rating: R