harry t.

A red head, a brunette and a blonde are stuck ina desert and the they find a stranded jeep with no petrol. The red head takes a bottle of whiskey,the brunette an umbrella and the blonde the jeep door,and they set off. They then meet three wise men who say, 'If u you can pass the test you can come on our quest'.The 1st wise man says to the red head,'why have u got whiskey'.and she replies,'AhHa but its not to drink,I will use it as sun tan lotion'.'Yep your clever you can join us on our quest' says the wise man. The 2nd wise man says to the Brunette,'Why have you got an umbrella it never rains here'!And she replies,'AhHa but im just blocking the sun'.'Your clever you can join us on our quest'. And the last wise man astonishingly said 'WHY THE HELL HAVE U GOT A JEEP DOOR'!!! And the Blonde then replies,'Well yes you may think its crazy but............ If it gets to hot I can wind the WINDOW down'!!!!!!!

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG