A R.

3 martians had just landed on earth and didn't know how to speak any english. So they went their seperate ways for the day. One went to a resteraunt and learned forks and knives. The second one went to a movie and learned BATMAN! But he thought they said fatman. The third went to a candy shop and hear kids saying goody goody gumdrops, goody goody gumdrops! So the three meet up again later. A police officer stops along the way. P.O.: Hey, you guys look like the recent murderers in this town. Hey you are! How did you kill those people? Martian 1: Forks and knives! P.O.: That's a stupid way to kill someone! Who do you think I am? Martian 2: FATMAN! P.O.: How would you three like to go to jail? Martian 3: Goody goody gumdrops, goody goody gumdrops!

funniness: 4.56

rating: PG