Selena M.

One october, Little Red Riding hood was taking a bag of popcorn to her grandma. As she skipped down the road, she saw a little bunny. "What are you doing, bunny?" She asked. The bunny looked up and said, "I'm picking carrots." "Why?" "I need to stuff myself for winter." "Why?" "I need to sleep." "Why?" "I can't stay awake for winter." "Why?" "It's too cold for me." "Why?" "I'm not an arctic hare." <p."Why?" The bunny got tired of Red's constant questions and hopped off to find a new carrot patch. Little Red continued walking, when she came across a deer. "What are you doing, deer?" The deer looked back at Red and replied, "I'm eating the bark of a tree." "Why?" "I'm hungry." "Why?" "The grass died." "Why?" "It's too cold out." "Why?" "It's almost winter." "Why?" "It's October." "Why?" The deer too got tired of Red's continuous questions, and left to eat another tree's bark. Red again walked down the path to her grandma's house. When she was at the door, a wolf suddenly pounced on her. "What are you doing here?" "I'm visiting my grandma." Suddenly the deer and the bunny came out from hiding and told her that because she was so annoying they old the wolf to kill her. The wolf said her would kill her and her grandma by fucking them until they bled to death. Little Red was afraid the wolf would hurt her (more) if she said no, so she agreed. After four hours of sex, the bunny and deer had a turn with each girl. When they were done, and the two were breathing their last breath, the wolf asked how old Little Red was. "Thirteen." Red replied. The wolf, deer, and bunny walked away. Then the wolf said, "Thirteen years old and still believes animals talk."

funniness: 2.00