Ray d.

hi this joke was good. so you can grab sakespear and read the 65 world on the third page in Hamlet. Then take out robin hood and read the 45 word in the 67 page. Next take out harry potter #3 and read the 59 word in the 128 page. Then the 23 word in page 34. Next 45 word in page 12. Trust me this joke is funny. you will laught your pants off. page 34 word 23. The answer to that joke is so funny. I mean so funny. You can laught for days and still think it is funny. But i will not tell you. Because some of you did not do what it told you. I will tell you the answer on the next joke i write. Title tne answer. Trust me it is the funniest thing in the world. It really is. Pease vote. it is funny.

funniness: 3.78

rating: PG