alex d.

One day, Jesus and Moses decide to go out and have a nice day of golfing. They step up to the first hole, and it has a huge pond in the middle. Moses says to Jesus, "I think you should use a five-iron, there's a pond in the middle of this hole." Jesus replies, "No, I'll use a nine-iron because i want to be just like Tiger Woods." Jesus pulls out his nine-iron and wacks the ball. It doesn't get very much height and slopes down right into the pond. So Moses says, " I guess I'll go split the water and get your ball for you." Moses returns with the ball and says, "I really think you should use a five-iron this time." But Jesus stays reluctant and answers, "No, I want to be just like Tiger Woods." He hits the ball and gets the same outcome. Moses gets his ball for him again and says, "You'd better use a five-iron because I'm not gettin your ball again." Jesus sticks with the nine-iron because 'he wants to be just like Tiger Woods' and hits the ball into the water again. Since Moses won't get it this time, Jesus is walking on the water, looking for it. A guy leans over to Moses and says, "Who the hell does he think he is, Jesus Christ?" Moses replies, "Nope, Tiger Woods."

funniness: 4.63

rating: PG