Seth A.

Three men were on an airplane: a Scottish, an Australian, and an Asian. The plane was about to crash and the Scottish threw out some apples to represent his country since they had many apples. The Australian threw out some oranges to resemble his country because they have many oranges. The Asian threw out a bomb to resemble his country because they have many bombs. Down under, on the ground, a man was walking along the street and saw a boy crying. The man asked, "Why are you crying?" The boy replied, "Because an apple hit me on the head." The man continued walking and saw another boy crying. The man asked what was wrong and the child said, "I was hit on the head with an orange!" The man continued to walk. Soon afterwards he saw a boy laughing hysterically. The man asked the boy, "Why are you laughing?" The boy replied, "I farted and the building blew up!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: PG