Haley O.

There was a irish man named Mickey.He was coming from a pub late at night.So he took a short cut across a graveyard. Not paying attenion he fell into a empty grave."S***,I'm never going to get out of here." "If you get me out here I'll grant you 1 wish." Mickey looked down he saw a leprechaun. So Mickey lifted the leprechaun out of the grave and the leprechaun helped him out of it. "Make your wish." the leprechaun said. Mickey thought and thought. "Umm...,I want the finest whiskey in the world." "Ok, pee in this cup and drink it." Mickey didn't care cause he was still drunk from the pub so he tried it."THIS IS REALLY THE FINEST WHISKEY EVER!!" He thanked the leprechaun and ran home.He got two cups and pissed in them.Then gave one to is wife. "Try it." he said, she did "THIS IS THE FINEST WHISKEY I EVER TASTED!" So every night Mickey brings two cups for him and is wife pees in them and drinks it.One night he brings only one cup."Why is there only one cup." He's wife said. "Your drinkin' from tap tonight."

funniness: 4.78

rating: PG-13