Maria S.

In the movie Accepted, the make believe college is the South Harmon Institue of Technology, or S.H.I.T. Here are some more colleges: Brown Institute of Technology for Challenged Homosexuals(B.I.T.C.H.) Franklin University for Careful Kathisophobes*(F.U.C.K) Darwin Academy for Mental Necrophiliacs**(D.A.M.N.) Carol Roberts Academy for Phallophobes***(C.R.A.P.) Dartmouth Institue for Caligynephobic~ Killers(D.I.C.K.) Barkley Organization for Outraged Bimbos(B.O.O.B.) Alton Sexual Society (A.S.S.) Barton Academy of Satanic Triskaidekaphobes~~ and Altered Robotic Didaskaleinophobes~~~(B.A.S.T.A.R.D.) West Howard Organization of Restricted Erotic Sluts(W.H.O.R.E.S.) South Compton Revised Educational Ward(S.C.R.E.W) Frederick Academy of Genophobes~~~~(F.A.G.) Queen's University of Eager Educational Retards(Q.U.E.E.R.) Princeton Institute of Sanitary Sex(P.I.S.S.) Hanson Energy Legion of Lepers(H.E.L.L.) Possibly Retarded Institute of Clever Kindergarteners(P.R.I.C.K.) Sex University of Cheap Kissers(S.U.C.K.) Sanderson Luxurious University of Tramps(S.L.U.T.) * - People who have a fear of sitting down ** - People who have sex with dead corpses *** - People who have a fear of penises ~ - Having a fear of beautiful women ~~ - People who fear the number 13 ~~~ - People who fear going to school ~~~~ - People who fear sex

funniness: 4.29

rating: PG-13