benny j.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a parrot and when she would go to work the parrot would stay home, so when she went to work one time she told the parrot to say yes to anyone that came to the house so while she was at work the bread man came and asked the parrot if he wanted some bread, remembering what the girl told him to say he said yes,then the milk man came and asked if he wanted some milk the parrot replied yes. Then a drunk came and asked if he wanted somepunches he said yes. POW! The parrot gets beat up. then the girl comes home and asks why he got beat up then he said because you told me to say yes. Oh well i have to get back to work, no when someone coms just say no. So the bread man comes. "you want somw bread"? he says no. then the milk man comes. "you want some milk"?. the parrot replpies "no". then the drunk from last time came and asked,"did the punches i gave you yesterday hurt"? the parrot replies "no". POW!

funniness: 4.05

rating: PG