Amber D.

one day a momma and a daddy where at home all alone so they decided to do something wild. they wanted to "do the do" in the kitchen. the refrigerator to be exact. so then they started goin at it like dogs, literally. then they spilled all the food on the kitchen floor including the milk. but they didnt stop to clean it up. they got so into it, especially the daddy, that he nutted all over the place, including the floor where the milk was. then when they were through they cleaned up everything and put it back in the refrigerator, including the milk. that next was christmas eve and the kids are home now. the momma and the daddy have ten kids (i wonder why) so the house was very bussy that day. that night when everyone was all settled in their bed the momma put out some milk and cookies for santa clause (in this joke santa is real). when santa got their he put all the gifts under the tree and before he left he decided to eat they milk and cookies. he took a bite out of one of the cookies and spit it right out. then he said,"OMG, these cookies are so shitty. they are so fuckin dry. maybe next year ill put a cook book in that ladies stockin." then he took a big swig out of the milk and said,"MMM, this isnt milk, it tastes kinda nutty. it does taste familiar though. where do i recognize this from?" that night santa left that house with a big "milk" mustache on his top lip.

funniness: 3.19

rating: R