Shoiban s.

A knight goes to this castle for shelter the old lady tell him that it's haunted ''im not scared of no ghost the knight says'' he goes to the room to sleep he notice that the room is pretty hot so he change the blankets into sheets he looks out the window. He see the full moon like it was in the room so close he could almost reach it. He laugh to his self this room is not haunted he yawn and stretch out on the bed he put his sword at the side and his pistol under his pillow and went to sleep................... Boom he heard a thud at the end of the bed he push his hand under the pillow and gripped his gun with all his might. Then that when he saw them to eyes staring him in the face he shivered with fear he slowly pulled out his gun bang bang........ he shot the to eyes turns out that it was his big toes

funniness: 1.89

rating: PG