Banderiososiope A.

One day one of Diane's friends was on who want's to be a millionaire. Regis: Okay, so you you're going for $1 000 000, and you have one life line. Here's the question: Q: Which one of these birds does not build it's own nest? A: Blue Jay B: Cardinal C: Cuckoo D: Thrust Contestant: I think I'm going to phone my friend Diane. Regis: Ok we're putting Diane on the phone here Contestant: Ok Diane, which bird does not build it's own nest, a blue jay, a cardinal, a cuckoo, or a thrust? Diane: I'm 100% sure it's a cuckoo. Conestant Okay, thanks Diane. Diane: No problem. Contestant: Ok C cuckoo, final answer. Regis: Congratulations, you've just won $1 000 000! After winning $1 000 000, Diane and her friend went out to celebrate. And she asked Diane how she knew it was a cuckoo. Diane: Everyone knows that cuckoos live in clocks!

funniness: 5.50

rating: PG