Negro A.

One day, a man walks into a doctor's office and request to see the doctor. When he's is talking to the doctor he asks him... "hey doc, i got a red rash on my dick. it only goes away when i take a shower but always comes back the next day. how do i make it go away forever?" The doctor examines the man's penis and says " i don't know if it will go away forever, but this should make it go away faster." with that he gave him a bottle and said apply whenever the rash appeared. The next day the man returns to the doctor's office and says " doc, that stuff really works, it took the rash off as soon as i put the ointment on, what's this stuff called?" The doctor looks at him calmly and replies with a smile... Lipstick remover!

funniness: 6.32

rating: PG-13